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Jewelry Crafted By Hand

Decorate yourself in the natural beauty that our world provides with our one-of-a-kind butterfly wing jewelry. At Winged Wonders Jewelry, we humanely obtain our butterfly wings from sanctuaries across the nation and then repurpose them into beautiful jewelry that is sure to leave others amazed. Pick up a piece that catches your eye today and stand out from the crowd on your next night out. If you ever notice a flaw with our jewelry within a 48-hour period, you are eligible for a full refund or replacement.

Beautiful Butterfly Wings

Butterflies unfortunately only have a two-week lifespan. As such, it isn't uncommon to find those that have passed on from day to day in the sanctuaries where they are kept. Knowing how beautiful these creatures can be, we take the wings of deceased butterflies and work them into handmade jewelry so that they can be admired long past their lifespan. To create each piece, we epoxy the wings onto a setting for the right size and then epoxy that onto a metal backing. Then, we place glass over the top so that the wing is front and center while remaining protected. Our wings are provided by four sanctuaries, from Canada to Portugal.


When you're looking for fundraising options, we can provide fliers and two charm designs customized to match your organization. For every sale, $5 will be donated to that fundraiser (we charge $12 for key chains and $15 for necklaces).

Custom Orders

We accept custom orders if you want jewelry for wedding parties, class reunions, graduation parties, and more. We match the colors of your events and can even include initials of names or the year, depending on your preferences.

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